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Sumaiya Khatun
Aug 01, 2022
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This is precisely the added value of PBB. By measuring the different metrics you can make very concrete how your online branding campaign is performing. google analytics logo Get started with Google Analytics 4 With regard to Google Analytics, do you still use Universal Analytics (UA) instead of Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? Then you miss opportunities! Although GA4 is still in (open) beta, it offers more insight into your display & video campaigns . While UA only reports on click interactions, GA4 also makes it possible to gain more insight into view interactions. Are you too busy at the moment to learn all the ins and outs of GA4? Understandable. But in that case make sure that you at least create a GA4 account and set up the basics . Only then will you start collecting data. GA4 will become the new standard within 1 or 2 years. You don't want to end up in a situation job function email list where you barely have any insight into the recent results. Advertise on YouTube. Measure the effects of your expressions on YouTube Video is one of the most important branding expressions. It is easier to convey a brand message via video than a static image. Within YouTube you can measure the impact of your PBB campaign through a Brand Lift Study . Previously, this had to be requested via a Google account manager, but as colleague Edward Staple already described , with Brand Lift Study 2.0 it is possible to do this yourself via the Google Ads interface. To achieve significant results it is recommended to spend at least 5000 in a week . With a Brand Lift Study, YouTube conducts a study in which they show the expression to a part of your target group and they use a control group, which does not see the video. Through a small survey aimed at, for example, an increase in brand awareness or brand recognition, YouTube tests the impact of your campaign. New bidding strategy In addition, YouTube recently launched a new bidding strategy that focuses on increasing brand consideration: Maximize Lift Bidding (currently in beta).
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Sumaiya Khatun

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